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Jeff Goldenberg

Games 245
Joined April 2011
About I grew up gaming on the following platforms: Atari 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, Vic 20, C64, NES, Amiga, PC, Xbox. Fondest memories are of C64 and Colecovision.
Favorite Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Platform
Favorite game ever Fallout 3
The first video game I remember playing Pong
My rig: PC, Xbox One

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The Quarry
"Games like this are more interactive movie than game, where you spend a lot of time just watching instead of playing, but there is usually still a decent amount of gameplay. This game overdoes it on the passive watching. There is barely any interactive play. As is typical with games of this type, the creative aspects are generally very good: great graphics, mostly great voice acting, nice soundtrack, and decent story. What little technical gameplay there is however is annoying in the typical horror game manner: forced camera angles, sometimes sluggish reaction times and very little free roaming. All in all I was disappointed by this game, and really glad I only paid $20 instead of full price. The first playthrough took only 9 hours and I don't intend on playing again."
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Played: January 3rd, 2023 - January 9th, 2023
January 10th, 2023 comment
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"Pretty fun 3D block puzzle game where you are shown an object and given a bunch of differently shaped blocks you need to use to build the object. I actually played this on Xbox One and unfortunately this was just a straight cross-build of the iOS game, so the controls and UI are clearly designed for touch control and not really a game console. You'll feel like you're using your gamepad as a mouse."
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September 6th, 2022 comment
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Ratchet & Clank
"Fun game, and the first in the superb long-running series, but compared to all the ones that came after it, it is clearly very rough around the edges. If you haven't played it yet but are interested in the series, skip this one and play the PS4 remake instead. All of the other PS2/3 Ratchets are still worth playing, but not this one."
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September 6th, 2022 comment
My Ranking:
The Talos Principle
"Really beautiful action-puzzle game with a side of philosophy thrown in. When I first tried this game when it came out back in 2014/15, I wasn't that into it. Picked it up again in 2022 and this time I couldn't stop playing. I actually put in the effort to finish it with 100% completion. It was worth it. Aside from about 100 puzzles, there are tons, and I mean tons of hidden secrets and Easter eggs. There are also 3 different endings. I definitely recommend doing them all. One of them is way, way more difficult than the others but the payoff is worth it."
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Played: August 1st, 2022 - September 4th, 2022
September 5th, 2022 comment
My Ranking:
Triple Pack: Trials HD, Limbo, Splosion Man
"3 cheap and great indie games packaged together. Trials is a motocross obstacle course game with fantastic physics. A modern 3D version of Kickstart or Excitebike. Limbo is an eerie action-adventure with a unique and creepy black and white art style. 'Splosion Man is an interesting take on 80's style platformer games where the character propels himself up, over and through obstacles by exploding multiple times and using the recoil. Pretty bizarre game with an interesting type of humor spread throughout, which all-in-all works well."
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July 27th, 2022 comment
My Ranking:
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
"I can't quite pinpoint what's wrong with this game, the presentation is fine, but after playing for about an hour I had had enough and have no desire to return to the game."
Shelves: Own Played
Played: September 1st, 2017 - September 30th, 2017
July 26th, 2022 comment
My Ranking:
Alien Breed: Impact
"Wow, did this game bring back memories. This is a "re-imagined", as they say nowadays, version of what was a great Amiga game, done by the same company that originally put it out. They don't make games like this anymore. It is basically an isometric 3D shooter/rpg/adventure game which borrows liberally from many great sci-fi movies."
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July 26th, 2022 comment
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Trine 2: Complete Story
"Puzzle platformer. Similar to the first one, but much longer and considerably more difficult."
Shelves: Own
July 25th, 2022 comment
My Ranking:
Tomb Raider: Legend
"Played the PS3 remastered version. Decent story, decent upgraded graphics. Controls are a little clunky compared to the newer games. I liked the puzzles. This outing has way more boss fights than any other TR game I've played. Not very long."
Shelves: Own Beaten
Played: May 21st, 2020 - May 28th, 2020
July 25th, 2022 comment
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