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Recent Reviews

Michael Economy reviewed supertype (iPhone)
"Clever, but ultimately not that enjoyable."
Shelves: Played Own
My Ranking:
Disco Elysium
Amar Pai reviewed Disco Elysium (PlayStation 4)
"I downloaded this on my MacBook via Steam cos of a fatally boring combination of pandemic and wildfires making the SF air unbreathable. I'd watched everything I could think of TV, read all my books, and what else is a man to do but play games when you can't go outside or go inside anywhere? It's an interesting RPG in a kind of Eastern-European-esque steampunky world. Loads of dialog and interesting skill trees. I found the whole upgrade-via-thoughts mechanism kind of puzzling, but I did find myself wanting to explore the possibilities. I didn't realize till halfway through that the game was trying to figure out if you have fascist/communist/liberal/morally upright/hedonist tendencies by the choices you make. A lot of the political stuff was pretty hamfisted honestly. I skipped through those oceans of text. But I like the washed out impressionistic graphics and it was nice to play a graphic adventure game in the old style. Not a lot in the way of crazy puzzles, it's more just talking to people and making skills checks. And a lot of walking around. The world is satisfyingly dense and satisfyingly small. It would have been super annoying to have to trek around a huge universe. The size of the game feels right. I'm enjoying it."
Played: August 28th - August 30th
My Ranking:
The Last of Us
Jordan Evans reviewed The Last of Us (PlayStation 4)
"Write a review..."
Shelves: Own
My Ranking:
Fall Guys
Michael Economy reviewed Fall Guys (PlayStation 4)
"Not that fun."
Shelves: Played Own
My Ranking:
Pokémon Sun/Moon
Jim Hwick reviewed Pokémon Sun/Moon (Nintendo 3DS)
"My personal favorite Pokémon game has a coherent story, memorable characters, fun gameplay and a good sense of progression. Also with a good post game and many side quests to enjoy."
My Ranking:
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Jeff Goldenberg reviewed Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PlayStation 4)
"At about 12 hours long, there isn't as much game here as in the earlier Uncharted games, but not far from the later titles. Being the 5th title in the series, it seems that Naughty Dog threw together a simple story and decided to "remix" every interesting element of the previous games. Aside from main characters Nathan, Sully and Elena not being in the game, you'll definitely have a sense of deja vu if you've played the whole series. That being said, what they've put together works, and it works really well. Each of the re-used elements are definitely better implemented than their originals. I enjoyed the puzzles in this game more than the previous ones."
Shelves: Own Beaten
Played: August 16th - August 22nd
My Ranking:
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Jeff Goldenberg reviewed Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PlayStation 4)
"The single player story is about 18-20 hours long. Pretty much follows the same formula as the last game. Run around the world finding clues and chasing down a mythical treasure all while avoiding a former partner and his hired mercenary army. This time the story revolves around pirates and along with buddy Sully popping up once in a while, your partners in crime are your long lost brother and your wife. Lots of exploring and platforming, some ridiculously simple puzzle solving and occasional gun battles. The story borders on soap opera territory. The soundtrack is orders of magnitude inferior to previous outings. This franchise isn't what it once was, especially since original writer and producer Amy Hennig left. Still, it is somewhat fun and definitely pretty."
Shelves: Own Beaten
Played: July 24th - July 31st
My Ranking:
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Jeff Goldenberg reviewed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PlayStation 4)
"If you are fan of traditional COD games, you probably won't like this one. On the other hand, if you find most COD games boring and unmemorable, you may like this one. I like it a lot. The single player campaign is fairly short at about 10 hours but is well-written, well-acted and features a variety of mission types which include ground assaults, space dogfighting, ship assaults, station assaults and even gunfights in space. There isn't that much variance between similar types of missions, but the story, high attention to detail and different weapon types keep the game interesting. The game consists of main story missions and optional side missions. I recommend doing all of the side missions as they present themselves. The Zombie game can be played solo, local co-op or network co-op. There is of course also standard local and network multiplayer."
Shelves: Own Beaten
Played: July 5th - July 21st
My Ranking:
Stranding Deep
Michael Economy reviewed Stranding Deep (PlayStation 4)
"Fun, though the bosses were kind of impossible."
Shelves: Own Played
My Ranking:
Resident Evil
reviewed Resident Evil (Nintendo Switch)
"One of my favorite games"
Shelves: Played
My Ranking: