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Recent Reviews

Jeff Goldenberg reviewed ICO (PlayStation 3)
"I didn't get to play this when it came out in 2001. I played the PS3 "HD remaster". I found the game to be decent in terms of design and gameplay, but the story is threadbare and the textures were pretty low quality for an "HD remaster". The camera and movement controls can be very annoying compared to newer games. The variety of game mechanics is very limited compared to more modern games. Still, it makes for an enjoyable 8-10 hours."
Shelves: Played Own Beaten
Played: March 14th - March 21st
My Ranking:
Detroit: Become Human
Jeff Goldenberg reviewed Detroit: Become Human (PlayStation 4)
"Visually and technically impressive, but not a very deep story resulting in a rather short game, or rather, interactive story is more like it. Mind you, the game is designed to instill multiple playthroughs by being able to branch the story in about a dozen places. I found the story to be completely predictable, at least the version that I completed. Compared to previous Quantic Dreams titles, there isn't much new and the game plays pretty closely to Heavy Rain. Which isn't really a good thing since Beyond Two Souls was a far superior game. It's as if they didn't learn anything about the bad parts of Heavy Rain, which were not present in Beyond, but are back in Detroit. It was still a mostly enjoyable 10 hours spent."
Shelves: Played Own Beaten
Played: March 1st - March 7th
My Ranking:
Pocket City
Michael Economy reviewed Pocket City (Android)
"Not quite as complex as the original sim city."
Shelves: Played
My Ranking:
Unreal Tournament
Henrique Miguel de Sousa reviewed Unreal Tournament (Mac)
"Best arena shooter of all time, still strong in 2021 !"
My Ranking:
inFamous: Second Son
Robert Nostradamus reviewed inFamous: Second Son (PlayStation 4)
"Besides the fantastic visuals for PS4. The game is a letdown from a follow-up from Infamous 2."
Shelves: Played Own Beaten
My Ranking:
The Last of Us Part II
Jeff Goldenberg reviewed The Last of Us Part II (PlayStation 4)
"Ugh. This game is a mess. Similar to the first one, graphics and voice acting are great, but that's about it. The story is poor. Gameplay is boring and uneven. At least this time around trophies are more reasonably obtained."
Shelves: Own Beaten
Played: December 24th, 2020 - January 7th
My Ranking:
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Todd Buller reviewed Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC)
"The tension and fear are through the roof."
Shelves: Played Beaten Own
My Ranking:
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Todd Buller reviewed Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (PC)
"A good horror game to play on a Sunday afternoon."
My Ranking:
Delta Force 2
Todd Buller reviewed Delta Force 2 (PC)
"This is the first person game I cut my teeth on."
Shelves: Played Own
My Ranking: