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Review of Donut County

Donut County
Alexa Kelly reviewed Donut County (PC)
"Eehhhh.... this is barely actually a game?? It felt like the majority of the content was cutscenes between levels and the "trashopedia" you can look at. Those things are admittedly cute! The art is pleasant to look at and the music is great! The puzzle element, though, is super boring - katamari lite, honestly. There's no real tension, as it's impossible to lose levels, and it's not like "eat small stuff first" is much of a challenge to figure out, and only the very last level is any real spin on that basic concept. This app is just... nice to look at, cute #aesthetic. There aren't enough levels to justify the price point, and the replay value is nil since there's no way to get a better score or do literally anything differently. I get that the price is driven by it being indie and by the assets taking time to create... but I can't say I'm happy to have bought this."
Shelves: Played
Started on: August 30th, 2018
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Michael Economy "Sorry, blame Amar."
September 10th, 2018
Alexa Kelly "Haha, I got suckered in by a fluff article I read on Vox or something, it's my own fault ;)"
September 10th, 2018