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Review of BioShock: The Collection

BioShock: The Collection
Bailey Foster reviewed BioShock: The Collection (PlayStation 4)
"I’ve played Bioshock so many times. The story never gets old to me. I love the characters and the setting as well. A city under water is amazing to me. Every time I play and beat it, I’m always amazed by just everything. I love this game so much. Even the book by John Shirley is amazing. If you love this series, then you must read the book. Read everything! Even the fan written books are great. Bioshock 2- I’ve played this a lot as well. It’s different from the first one. When I say different, I mean really different. A new team took over for the second one and sort of changed a lot of things. The timeline is iffy in it compared to the first one. But what I loved about it were the characters, plot, and you get to explore more of the city. One thing I didn’t like about this one was the multiple endings it had. Had to play through every single one."
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Bailey Foster "Can’t seem to write the rest on my review so I’ll do it in the comment section. Bioshock 3- I’ve beaten once. The team that did the first one also did the third one. Now this went above and beyond the other two. What I said about the other two goes towards this one as well. Even the burial at sea dlc... IT ALL CONNECTS. I’m so excited about this series. As I said I love this series and am planning on playing the third one soon. "
March 31st, 2018