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PlayStation 2 October 26th 2000
5 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.20
SSX is the first in a series of snowboarding video games which specializes in extreme sports titles with an unrealistic or arcade feel, including exaggerated jumps, highly decorated mountain runs and improbable trick. Winning medals in a variety of events unlocks new courses, characters, and boards, as well as improved the boarder's abilities. New outfits may be earned by completing a character's trick book, by doing a number of specific tricks during play. Three kinds of boards are available to players: trick-oriented Freestyle boards, all-around BX boards, and racing-oriented Alpine boards, which are not meant to be ridden backwards. The courses are located around the world. The snowboarders also come from around the world, and speak in their primary languages.
Series: SSX
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5 Rankings
"Best launch title for the ps2. This game was so much fun. It was fun to explore the map and find different secrets."