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The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable

PC October 17th 2013
Other Platforms: Mac Linux
All Editions: 11 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.00
PC Edition: 5 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.00
The Stanley Parable is a first-person exploration game which ponders questions related to player agency, narrative pacing, escapism through gaming, objective-driven game design, authorial intent, and the conflict of interest between players and game creators.
Genres: Indie Adventure
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11 Rankings
"This "game" (if you can really call it that) is sometimes funny... and that's it. Made with Valve's Source engine, so it looks pretty much like every other game that uses Source. Copies and references some Valve and other games."
Shelves: Played
Started on: November 27th, 2013