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Review of Hitman GO

Hitman GO
Michael Economy reviewed Hitman GO (iPhone)
"Not very entertaining, the timing element favors trial and error over thought. An undo button would make the game faster and less frustrating."
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Amar Pai "lol i thought this was alright! i like how all the characters are figurines. i played this one and the tomb raider one"
March 4th
Michael Economy "The art was great. The puzzles are just not very hard, they’re not very complex. You can kind of grind them out brute force. Have i told you about my ‘Churchill solitaire test’?"
March 4th
Amar Pai "what's the churchill solitaire test?"
March 6th
Michael Economy "Any game that’s less fun than churchill solitaire should not be played. Instead i should play churchill solitaire, or find a better game. Hitman go is pretty close to failing."
March 6th