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Review of Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9
Empyreal reviewed Dynasty Warriors 9 (Xbox One)
"If you're a long time fan of this series DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT pick this up. I know DW games have always been a bit repetitive, but I've always loved the way the battles unfold, the feeling of destroying armies by yourself, the s**t that hits your pants when LuBu turns up (not necessarily loving that bit). This one is just so plain though, they've opted for an open world system instead of the level based system and it sucks it just doesn't work. You spend days travelling just to get in a fight with about 25 people, the scenery is so bland too. This is not a game for the classic fan, I'm not sure if it's a game for a newcomer either to be honest."
Shelves: Played
Played: February 13th, 2018 - February 16th, 2018
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