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Review of Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium
Amar Pai reviewed Disco Elysium (PlayStation 4)
"I downloaded this on my MacBook via Steam cos of a fatally boring combination of pandemic and wildfires making the SF air unbreathable. I'd watched everything I could think of TV, read all my books, and what else is a man to do but play games when you can't go outside or go inside anywhere? It's an interesting RPG in a kind of Eastern-European-esque steampunky world. Loads of dialog and interesting skill trees. I found the whole upgrade-via-thoughts mechanism kind of puzzling, but I did find myself wanting to explore the possibilities. I didn't realize till halfway through that the game was trying to figure out if you have fascist/communist/liberal/morally upright/hedonist tendencies by the choices you make. A lot of the political stuff was pretty hamfisted honestly. I skipped through those oceans of text. But I like the washed out impressionistic graphics and it was nice to play a graphic adventure game in the old style. Not a lot in the way of crazy puzzles, it's more just talking to people and making skills checks. And a lot of walking around. The world is satisfyingly dense and satisfyingly small. It would have been super annoying to have to trek around a huge universe. The size of the game feels right. I'm enjoying it."
Played: August 28th, 2020 - August 30th, 2020
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