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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

PlayStation September 7th 1997
Other Platforms: PS3 Vita PSP
All Editions: 21 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.67
PSX Edition: 21 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.67
Final Fantasy VII is the seventh main installment in the Final Fantasy series, and was the first title to feature three-dimensional graphics, pre-rendered backgrounds and numerous full motion videos. The gameplay is a departure from previous entries in the series in many ways. Though it retains the Active Time Battle pseudo-turn based menu command system, FFVII features three party members rather than four. The Materia system allows the player to customize each party member's abilities to their liking, and the Limit system grants them unique combat skills. Though minigames had been a recurring feature, FFVII introduces numerous new ones, many of them playable in the theme park Gold Saucer varying from racing with Chocobos to snowboarding.
Franchise: Final Fantasy
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