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Black Mesa

Black Mesa

PC March 6th 2020
Other Platforms: Linux
All Editions: 4 rankings, Avg Rating: 3.67
PC Edition: 3 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.00
Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's classic science fiction first person shooter, Half-Life. Powered by Source Engine, You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility. Expect detailed environments to explore, a huge cast of characters and experimental weaponry. All-new music, voice acting, choreography and added dialogue give way to a more expansive and immersive experience than ever before.
Franchise: Half-Life
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4 Rankings
"This game is pretty dated. Theres a lot to like, but i don’t think it stands the test of time."
Shelves: Played Own