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Xbox 360 February 17th 2011
Other Platforms: PS3
All Editions: 7 rankings, Avg Rating: 2.75
XB360 Edition: 3 rankings, Avg Rating: 3.00
Vincent is trapped in a nightmare, facing a choice of marrying his longtime girlfriend Katherine or moving on to the incredible blonde he just woke up to-- named Catherine! The worst part is, if he makes the wrong choice, he could end up dead. Hangout, drink, send texts, and watch the story unfold through full HD cinematics.
Series: Catherine
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7 Rankings
"When I first started playing this game I liked it a lot. That didn't last. One thing's for sure, this game is pretty original. Unfortunately, it's originality doesn't necessarily make it great and actually wears thin real quick. It is a combination of Japanese RPG with some platform action sequences. It is very preachy, and somewhat frustrating. This game would be better if all the RPG elements were stripped out and just the platform sequences remained. Would make a decent Xbox Arcade game."
Shelves: Played