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Xbox 360 September 15th 2009
Other Platforms: PS3
All Editions: 1 ranking, Avg Rating: 2.00
XB360 Edition: 1 ranking, Avg Rating: 2.00
Wet is an action game that combines shooting and swordplay with acrobatics and gore. The main character, Rubi, carries twin pistols and a sword (she can also carry dual shotguns, submachine guns, or crossbows), and can fire while jumping, sliding on her knees, and running on walls. During these acrobatic actions, the game enters slow motion, and she will automatically aim at a second enemy, allowing the player to shoot at two enemies at once. She can also combine her attacks, such as wall running off a person or performing a sword uppercut while sliding.
Series: WET
Genre: Shooter
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1 Ranking
"Conceptually, this game has a lot of potential, but it fails to deliver. The story is half decent, some of the characters are interesting. Some of the action sequences and moves are fun and interesting, but then again, most of them aren't. There are a variety of different activities to do, but you have no control over when to do them. The game is completely on rails. The graphics are not great, the soundtrack while vast quickly becomes annoying. The voice acting is sub-par. With a bit more effort this game could have been quite good, but as it was delivered, it is quite lame."
Shelves: Played