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Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine

GameCube October 11th 2002
23 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.19
Super Mario Sunshine is a Mario action-adventure 3D platformer. It follows Super Mario 64, and is the second 3D Mario platformer. Gameplay features a combination of action and puzzle solving, with numerous stages and multiple episodes to each stage, and plenty of hidden secrets and surprises. This game introduced many recurring characters and bosses in the Mario series, including Toadsworth, Bowser Jr., Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper, Piantas, Nokis, Shadow Mario, and F.L.U.D.D. Super Mario Sunshine pays homage to Mario's Italian heritage and upbringing, with many of the locations in the game having Italian names and sometimes referencing Italian culture.
Initially Released: August 26th 2002
Series: Super Mario
Franchises: Mario Mario Bros.
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23 Rankings
"The water pack was pretty lame, but still a great mario title."
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