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God of War Ragnarök: Launch Edition
"*THE FIRST SEGMENT WILL BE SPOILER FREE* “God Of War Ragnorak” Spoiler Free Review If someone wants to play this game, you should, if you don’t have an interest; you should be. This game is amazing, it’s a satisfying, fast paced sequel to “God Of War 2018” as well as its own stand alone game. Like with 2018 you do not necessarily need to play the original “God Of Wars”. In this case, playing GOW 2018 isn’t a requirement as much as a hefty incentive to do so, however if you want to play Ragnorak you can freely do so with the only downside is missing the experience of “living” through the moments of its predecessor. There is even an option you can pick to be refreshed or told for first time, the events of 2018 called “God Of War Recap” which tells you a synopsis of the events of the first game and the needed context for Ragnorak. This game is beautiful and loved by its creators, following up the story of Kratos: A god made monster, destroyer of the Greek Pantheon, spartan consumed by rage. Who after 2018 becomes more connected, and vulnerable to his son. The journey of these two characters and every single one of the supporting cast is fantastic and well thought out; Father and Son, Sonless Mother, Two Brothers, A Broken God Of War, and a for the most part unknown pantheon of Nordic Gods. Tying into the story, the mechanics in which you interact with the world. The gameplay. The gameplay is, largely the same as the last game with the exception of minor but important additions and tweaks. Only two downside I’ve had, the menus are a little chaotic but once understood, easy to navigate and the pause attack from the last game are still a bit slow as it takes two much time to activate said attack which forces them to not be used as often; other than that, the gameplay is polished, smooth, accessible and has a high degree of freedom and choice. Tl:dr it’s fun as fuck and rewarding of higher skill levels. *THIS SECOND SECTION CONTAINS SPOILERS* God Of War Ragnorak is a beautiful, somberly scary, and heart breaking story. The end of GOW 2018 depicts a prophecy of Kratos dead in the lap of his son, Atreus. This story splits itself in two perspectives and manners of handling the prophecy. Kratos who shuns an thinks nothing of prophecy countered by his son who can’t help but worry due the accuracy up until this point. The two perspectives clash, collide and connect throughout the game. The father, hardened by the loss of family after family and his experiences with the Gods and the son who is soft, unknowing while curious and driven. Throughout the story, Atreus will run away from home to do what he thinks needs to be done. which gives us time to see his thoughts and feelings outside of the influence of his father, they are largely kind, blissfully arrogant but also brave and passionate. He goes head first into danger to try and reach common ground with Freya who could kill him instantly, but he trusts her, and has faith in the friend he knew. This action is something Kratos would never do, he’s to hardened by his reality that to him, that would be a risk not worth taking. That risk, which the Kratos would never take. Pays off through a butterfly of events, leading to the (somewhat) unification of the realms against Asgard. That decision characterizes Atreus as separate from Kratos, as his own entity and force within the story. Which is paid of when they reunite and fully break the barriers between them. Kratos isn’t left out of good character moments either. We come to realize from 2018 and Ragnorak that Kratos fears two things. Reverting back into the “Ghost of Sparda” and losing his son. These fears have a perfect dynamic that is explored in the story; if he loses control and becomes the man, the god he used to be. Then he will lose Atreus, if he loses Atreus, he will return to the man he used to be. Atreus runs away during a argument into Asgard. Desperately trying to do anything he can to save his father, even if it means disobeying him, even if it means heading into imminent danger. The impact this has on Kratos is subtle, yet loud. Immediately searching for the Norns, the fates of Norse Myth to find a way to find and protect his son; by doing so, he learns Heimdall intends to kill Atreus and sets out to kill Heimdall. You continue with Kratos who focuses on saving his son no matter the cost. Crafting the Draupnir Spear and setting out to find a way to Heimdall. Not before Atreus runs back home after unleashing a realm teleporting, devouring Dog named Garm. Atreus ends back home to see the supporting cast defending themselves against Hel-Walkers bleeding out of a realm tear and he joins them to defend the home. The following scene is heart melting, for the family bond that we watch foster and for what it means to both the characters of Atreus and Kratos. *HERE I WILL BE DETAILING A SCENE IN FULL SKIP IF YOU RATHER EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF* Freya asked for Atreus’s assistance in closing the Realm Tear. He puts his back to the enemies while his party defends them and the house, only for one Hel-Walker to grab him and tackle him to the ground. Atreus holds his bow out as it stretches its neck out to bite him and he can’t shake it off him, Freya is occupied with the portal and the Smithing brothers are busy with fighting there own fights. Out of no where, a spear pierced the Walkers head, and there Kratos stands before, spear in hand looking down at Atreus. Atreus shouts “Father…” and Kratos responds with “Off your back. Help Freya, I will draw them to me.” which is followed up by Kratos fighting of the Hel-Walkers til the portal is closed. An blast of energy sends Kratos backwards into the stairs. He stands up and says “Where is Atreus...” and out from the smoke a, timid, ashamed Atreus walks forward. Kratos speaks out of fear and a feeling of betrayal. “What do I call you?” in relation to him being Atreus, his son or Loki the Champion of the Jotnar. Atreus pauses, his face scrunches...and he looks down at his feet once more in shame. Then runs towards Kratos and wraps his arms around him as he whimpers into his chest. Kratos is surprised, and taken a back. Then embraces him back. Moments pass and he lets go, yet his son still hugs him. So he puts his hand back and in a comforting, soft tone says “Atreus...what has happened?” This leads into a scene where Atreus explains what happened, that it’s his fault the Hel-Walkers came, that he freed Garm, that he’s been in contact with Odin. The supporting cast responds with fear and shock, and a rally of scolding and disbelief and disappointment; only for Kratos to intervene. “Enough! Leave, him, be. Atreus made a mistake...One, WE will fix.” I’ll end on this. This game knows it’s characters, it knows not to create natural drama, and natural resolutions. It is heart warming and heart breaking, it is a story about the individuals and there journey to “Be better.” and for that is a masterpiece of story telling. Thank you for reading whatever segment, or all, that you could. I appreciate you listening to my experience and opinion on... God Of War Ranorak."
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December 3rd, 2022 comment
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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut
"Ghost of Tsushima *FIRST SEGMENT IS SPOILER FREE* Ghost of Tsushima is a hefty investment. The game is compacted with hours and hours of gameplay and story; however, it is worth it if you are a person who can immerse yourself within the character you control. The game is absolutely beautiful, with serene, detailed and illustrated landscapes. Dynamic environments from weather to the petals of a tree falling down during a fight. The game is made to be an art piece. The lore, or dualistic nature between Myth and Reality is incredibly enjoyable. It is tasteful to anyone who may believe in the myths while not confirming anything out right. It follows reality, some believe higher intervention, others don’t. The facts are to be interpreted however someone views them. It’s refreshing and honestly all of the myths told are a refreshing break from the reality of playing the game. Following that, is the combat itself. Which is honestly super fluid and so fundamentally accessible mixed with flair that, I’d be shocked to hear anyone dislike it as a whole. The combat itself directly influences the story, and vise versa. *None Important Context Spoiler* The context of your character is multifaceted and deep with history, influences and trauma. You are Jin Sakai. Son to Chiyoko and Kazumasa Sakai, heir to the Sakai Clan. Your mothers brother, is Lord Shimura, the Jito of Tsushima. Your mother passed away from an Illness when you were seven, and your father was slain during a Raider Ambush on the island of Iki when Jin was in his early teens. Lord Shimura, your uncle. Takes you under his tutelage, and raises you as his son; while training you to become to strongest samurai the Sakai Clan has ever known. *THIS SEGMENT CONTAINS SPOILERS* The story of Ghost of Tsushima is an example of, “realistic exaggerated story telling” and I want to paint this picture clearly because, whatever shape or form this style of story telling presides in. It functions the same way. Grounding a character of fiction to the perspectives, realities, feelings, situations of the average person. On your Journey, you find bands of Mongols traveling Tsushima and with the abilities granted to you and earned by you, you can slay them with demon like speed and efficiency. As you evolve, you go from a Samurai defeated in gruesome battle to a Ghost who can take on hoards of enemies with intellect, clever tactics or superior ability. Then, you Journey on until... You hear a women screaming, and you spike your horse and speed towards the sound. You find a women, dressed in red, weeping and screaming “no no NO!” under a tree. You look up to see a body strung up by a rope, limbs dismembered. They were cut apart and hung while alive. You can only console them for there lost, you could not save them. That is what I mean, the exaggeration of storytelling comes from the fictitious nature of the story, I.e the ability to dodge, slice, gut and kill a group of heavily armored and trained warriors without a sweat. Which collides with the reality of the world, the death, the mourning, the fear, the braking of spirit that War brings. This is atleast how Ghost of Tsushima combines realism and the exaggeration, an the fantasy of the world. You are a trained warrior and you could try to ignore everything and just fight, fight, fight but eventually, you will see what the ramifications of War are, death and loss. However, even with countless examples and expressions of suffering, pain, loss, sadness. Ghost of Tsushima is also about hope, and surviving what life throws at you. You gain friends, lose friends, gain trust, lose trust, but what stays is your impact on the island, on your people. The hope you inspire, was it the right thing, to become the “Ghost of Tsushima” and to forgo your Samurai basics. Your honor.? Can you handle the ramifications of the decisions you make? Can you inspire people against the mongols, and to protect themselves when no one else can? Can you stay stead fast down your path, even when you break the hearts of those who care about you most? Are you certain? and does it matter? All of those questions will be asked when you follow the path of becoming the Ghost of Tsushima."
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December 3rd, 2022 comment
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