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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Mac December 20th 2016
Other Platforms: PC AND PS4 XBO iOS NSW
All Editions: 10 rankings, Avg Rating: 3.00
Mac Edition: 4 rankings, Avg Rating: 2.67
The Walking Dead: A New Frontieris an episodic graphic adventure game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series developed by Telltale Games. It is Telltale's third season of its The Walking Dead series. The game employs the same narrative structure as the past seasons, where player choice in one episode will have a permanent impact on future story elements. The player choices recorded in save files from the first two seasons and the additional episode "400 Days" carry over into the third season. Clementine, who was the player's companion during the first season and the player-character in season two returns as a player-character along with another player-character, Javier "Javi" Garcia. The game takes place in the same fictional world as the comic, with the zombie apocalypse having occurred. The main characters of the game are original characters, however due to time skips in season two and between seasons two and three, the timeline is caught up to where the comics are.
Franchise: The Walking Dead
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