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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Xbox 360 October 30th 2012
Other Platforms: Vita PS3 PC
All Editions: 7 rankings, Avg Rating: 3.33
XB360 Edition: 5 rankings, Avg Rating: 3.00
Need for Speed: Most Wanted takes on the gameplay style of the first Most Wanted title in the Need for Speed franchise. Most Wanted allows players to select one car and compete against other racers in three types of events: Sprint races, which involves traveling from one point of the city to another, Circuit races, each having two or three laps total and Speed runs, which involve traversing through a course in the highest average speed possible. There is also the Ambush races, which start with the player surrounded by cops and tasked to evade their pursuit as quickly as possible.
Series: Need for Speed
Genres: Racing Adventure
Franchise: Need for Speed
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