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Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033 Redux

Mac April 24th 2015
Other Platforms: XBO PS4 NSW Google Stadia Linux PC
All Editions: 4 rankings, Avg Rating: 5.00
Mac Edition: 3 rankings, Avg Rating: 5.00
Metro 2033 Redux is the definitive version of the cult classic Metro 2033, rebuilt in the latest and greatest iteration of the 4A Engine for Next Gen. Fans of the original game will find the unique world of Metro transformed with incredible lighting, physics and dynamic weather effects. Newcomers will get the chance to experience one of the finest story-driven shooters of all time; an epic adventure combining gripping survival horror, exploration and tactical combat and stealth. All the gameplay improvements and features from the acclaimed sequel Metro: Last Light have been transferred to Metro 2033 Redux – superior AI, controls, animation, weapon handling and many more – to create a thrilling experience for newcomers and veterans alike. With two unique play-styles, and the legendary Ranger Mode included, Metro 2033 Redux offers hours of AAA gameplay for an incredible price.
Initially Released: August 26th 2014
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