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Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18

PlayStation 4 August 25th 2017
Other Platforms: XBO
All Editions: 4 rankings, Avg Rating: 4.00
PS4 Edition: 1 ranking, Avg Rating: 0.00
Madden NFL 18 takes a significant visual leap with the power of the Frostbite engine. See stunning new stadium exteriors surrounded by vast cityscapes and watch the spectacle of NFL gameday come to life in the most photorealistic game to date. Play each matchup to your specifications by selecting from three new Play Styles or play the best real world match ups each week in Play Now Live! With the introduction of even more ways to play, coupled with your favorite modes, Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise, this is Madden like you’ve never seen before.
Series: Madden NFL
Genre: Sport
Franchises: NFL Madden
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