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Get Mushi Club: Minna no Konchuu Daizukan

Get Mushi Club: Minna no Konchuu Daizukan

Game Boy Color August 13th 1999
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Get Mushi Club: Minna no Konchuu Daizukan is an adventure game for Game Boy Color, released by Jaleco on 1999. A game for collecting insects in which the main character is brought to another world by a fairy and ends up catching 200 different insects in order to return to the original world. Use a magnifying glass to search the map or the destination screen to catch insects. Insects live in different places depending on the species, and the insects that appear are real. Time passes all the time during a game, and for every second that passes, one minute of in-game time passes. The day in the game also starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 9:00 PM, so there are 14 hours of activity per day. Each day in the game changes over time, which can change the insects you catch. Other in-game times can be advanced by fiddling with the clock on the screen. Insects collected during the game may be viewed from the game title or from an illustrated book during the game. The total number of insects featured is 310, and sampling 200 of these insects is the ending. The collected insects can also be exchanged with other players via a link cable. At the beginning of the game, players are told that they have to catch 200 different insects in 30 days, but even after 30 days, no penalty such as game over is imposed. The game cartridge is a vibrating cartridge equipped with a vibration function, and by setting AAA batteries in the cartridge, it will vibrate when an insect is caught, etc. Also included in the game software was an appendix 昆虫図鑑ミニブック( Insect Pictorial Book Minibook), which contained information on insects appearing in the game.
Genre: Adventure
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