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Telling Lies

Telling Lies (Mac)

Other Platforms: iPad PC iPhone
2 rankings, average rating: 3.50
Published: August 23rd 2019
Telling Lies is the second FMV game by Sam Barlow.

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2 Rankings
"following the her story format (i talk about this game too much), it makes everything bigger, wider, wilder and stronger. It's not flawless though. I would love to ee more outside-of-the-box type of puzzles, but i guess it was not the intent of the creator. It's all, ALL about the story and ever will be, and there's no problem with that. The navigation between videos, nonetheless, are kinda clumsy and buggy. You can't fast forward more than a 3x. In a longer video (and some of them can reach 9min), it gets old quickly. Anyway, great game that has a nice appeal for everyone."
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"3.5. I love that this built on Her Story's format with a full cast and more complicated story. However, it also led to a lot of sifting through a lot of unnecessary footage to find what was relevant. (I get that this was the point, it just wasn't as fun.) No spoiler, but I also wanted more from the ending."
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