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Mafia III

Mafia III (PC)

Other Platforms: Mac Xbox One PlayStation 4
8 rankings, average rating: 1.75
Published: October 7th 2016
The third game in the open world crime series. Mafia III follows Vietnam veteran, mixed-race Lincoln Clay in 1960s New Bordeaux, when racism is blooming, as he aspires for revenge against those who have harmed his family.

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8 Rankings
"The worst one in the series. I didn’t like it. When it first came out, the game glitches so much that I had to take it to GameStop. I bought it back a few months ago and played a little bit of it, got to the middle of the game, and just couldn’t get into it. Mafia 2 had great and lovable characters, but this game was just disappointing to me."
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