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Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Mac)

7 rankings, average rating: 4.00
Published: November 12th 2009
Angry Birds is a physics-based game. You dish out revenge upon the green pigs for stealing the birds' eggs by firing the Angry Birds at the green pigs' castles.

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7 Rankings
"Casually, it's a great game that's simple and fun. When you get into trying to get three stars (sometimes to unlock things), it can be annoying."
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"I can't get past level 2, I get bored, I don't know why, I don't think I get it. This is definitely no "Shaky Tower"."
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"Pretty fun game, you shoot birds out of a slingshot to hit the pigs who stole your eggs."
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"I've got 8 golden eggs!!!! Mom won't let me play more than three hours on weekdays :("
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