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The Last of Us

The Last of Us (PlayStation 3)

28 rankings, average rating: 4.50
Published: June 14th 2013
Joel and Ellie must survive in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly parasitic fungus infects people's brains in this PS3 exclusive third-person action-adventure game from Naughty Dog.

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28 Rankings
"This was a solid game from beginning to end. The story kind of reminded me of Cormac Mccarthy's "The road" meets The Walking Dead. I usually dislike forced cinematic moments in games and the 10 minutes of actual game play and 15 minutes of cinema trend I'm forced to watch. The gameplay itself puts you in a survivor like mode and to be guile with almost always low ammo, makeshift weapons and avoiding a fight. Also, the infected are far creepier than the ones in Silent Hill."
Started on: October 11th, 2013
"Great gameplay, fantastic story, but i didn’t like how the ending was put together. The ending kinda ruined it for me..."
Shelves: Played Beaten
"Zombies! Slightly too many cut scenes, but they are so well done and the story is compelling enough to keep you engaged."
Shelves: Played
Played: July 1st, 2013 - July 17th, 2013
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