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Xbox Live Hits Collection: Limbo,Trials HD and Splosion Man

Xbox Live Hits Collection: Limbo,Trials HD and Splosion Man (Xbox 360)

1 ranking, average rating: 5.00
Published: April 12th 2011
Originally announced for Japan, the game is a compilation of three best-selling and critically acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade games: Limbo, Trials HD and 'Splosion Man.

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"3 cheap and great indie games packaged together. Trials is a motocross obstacle course game with fantastic physics. A modern 3D version of Kickstart or Excitebike. Limbo is an eerie action-adventure with a unique and creepy black and white art style. 'Splosion Man is an interesting take on 80's style platformer games where the character propels himself up, over and through obstacles by exploding multiple times and using the recoil. Pretty bizarre game with an interesting type of humor spread throughout, which all-in-all works well."
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