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BioShock (Mac)

30 rankings, average rating: 4.28
Published: August 21st 2007
Venture into the mysterious, Utopian underwater city of Rapture and discover what has turned it into ruin in this first-person epic.

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30 Rankings
"I've played this before, thought it'd be worth playing it again on stream. I played the remastered version and yes this game still is incredible. The wrench alone is worth playing it for, but I genuinely forgot how dark this game is in places, from the gruesome deaths to the aftermath's you come accross. It's very refreshing to play a game that doesn't seem too bothered about upsetting people. If you want a decent FPS with a decent story line this is your game, unique gameplay and a bit of an RPG element to enhancing your character this is a real breath of fresh air."
Shelves: Played Beaten Own
Played: December 12th, 2018 - December 18th, 2018
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